Thursday, January 31, 2013

The contents of this blog describes the cheating and fraud done in Merchant navy by Mumbai Agents, read the article and hurl a shoe at their Ass!!

Dear Candidates and aspirants, who want to make their career in Merchant Navy/Rig/Platform or somewhere linked with the field of Marine and ship, these contents are for you to be careful from Fraud and Cheating by Marine Agents

The content of these blog could be helpful for you, if you are a fresher and keen to join the above mentioned field and want to pursue your career. But guys if you are a fresher, you need to take care that you don't become the victim of this market. Yes this is actually the market of Fraud agents, consultancies and mediators between the shipping company and you.

This worst market is full of fraud agents whether you are in Mumbai, Chennai or Delhi...
And you are likely to be deceived if you are a total fresher, an agent can make you fool in a second, or even on a phone call. I have such an experience of being a victim who have lost a huge amount and time trusting on agents.

My family and friends used to say me to be away from agents, but it is very very difficult to get some job in this field without the help of agents. And I trusted many, where I wasted my 2 years waiting for the job, I wasted money in formal training like STCW & OTFC, for getting CDC and other documents.
And I was many times referred to agents from agents, they are maintaining a network like a property dealer. Finally after waiting for almost 2 years, I(with my 3 more friends) ended up losing a huge amount trusting one of the agent. I was sent to Saudi Arabia for job, where I met the second party and I had to pay him a lot of money even after paying my first agent in Mumbai, though I had no option as I have had landed in other country to work on a tourist visa.

They kept me in a hotel for continuous 60 days without work, till then my tourist visa had already expired, I was not able to go out of hotel because my visa was no more valid. And if I was caught with an out dated visa, they would make my life hell in the prison of an Arab country. I paid the hotel rent fro 2 months, that was appx INR 80,000. 

And if you are thinking of making your career after doing an expensive course from an institute, still there is not such scope now in Marine field even for the candidates from reputed and high-fees institutes. I have seen the guys to have dropped this dream after spending a lot on courses, going to agents for getting jobs after paying lacks of rupees in institutes. And what agents do thereafter is mentioned above. What is your education doesn't matter in marine field, you will have to start your work as a labor only, as a GP rating guy or below the level. So if you can diverge your mind from this field or career, you are likely to get succeeded, and if you have became stub born for the marine only, I will again remind you to think about your family and Loving parents.

Candidates having the sailing experience of 2-3 years are hunting for the jobs now, when they have to wait for long, paying the agents they have made in 2-3 years, who is going to hire a fresher. So Leave this now.

There are many agents in Mumbai and Delhi, some of them are named here: Akhilesh & Rakesh(office is near Bombay Stock exchange), Abhishek, Bindiya Meshram(Ambernath, Mumbai), Nervis Vaz(Mira road, Mumbai), Baba/Pandey Ji(Bandra), Choudhary(associate of Baba), Aryavart Corporation(Greater Kailash, New Delhi), Capt. Suniel Kumar Sharma(Aryavart corporation), Rakesh Pandey(Aryavart corporation), Ms. Richa(Aryavart Corporation), Alex Maritime Institute(Bangkok's fake institute by Aryavart Corporation), Belize, Panama, Liberian and other CDC and CoC Agents and many Mishra's, Pandey's and Shukla's in Navi Mumbai and Mumbai region.

These people are enough to make your life hell. And this field of Merchant Navy does not contain much for you now, it is out dated. Better choose some other career option, don't waste your life and career to sink in the water, or just to see water all around you.

Parents, take care of your growing young child. If your Son goes to any of the agent in Mumbai, you are likely to lose him after he leaves the country. Because the first thing an agent offers is Dubai/ Malaysia/ Indonesia. Because it is easy to get the fraud visa of above mentioned countries.

Important points to be taken care of:
* Always go out on a work visa if you are going for the employment out of the country(but you can have a better chance only in India, never outside your country)

* Never pay an agent before getting the job, don't worry about the company letter(they will always be fake).

* Avoid going to Gulf countries, Malaysia, Indonesia, Bangkok.

* Do not go by 
trafficking or on Tourist visa, or through an unauthorized person.

* Keep your family in loop with the Agency or Consultancy.

* Once you pay the agent, never even think to get a single rupee back, if he has bluffed you.

* There is now no high salaries in Marine field, you can better earn a lot somewhere else.



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  2. Thanks for the Information Sir, It helped me a lot

  3. Thumbs up for your effort for awakening the innocent candidates.

  4. Few things r true.. but thn.. it depends 4m individual to individual. .. if u r ready to slog and do some job hunt in hot n humid climate of mum.. u can get jobs. . And abt thr no high paying jobs nw.. thts nt true.. all good companies pay 1400+$ for AB n much more for officers.. even small companies pay arou d 1000$ .. all I wanna say is u need some common sense.. n stop paying frauds... keep going in companies... u will get jobs I u r determined n work hard.. I have almost 36months exp nw.. no reff nothing in this field.. but hav nt paid a penny for placements yet... starting few years r tough.. dont giveup so soon.. n always go for Indian cdc. .. cheers...